What I Ate - Week Two Elimination Diet

Burger and crisps
Well it wasn't any of this!!

Week Two is almost at a close and with the heady prospect of adding lemons to my diet next week, I thought I would end the week with a little round-up of what I have been feasting on - to be honest, it hasn't been too bad!!


Breakfast pretty much consisted of mashing up stuff and making it into a smoothie. I could have just eaten the ingredients in their natural form but I rather look forward to my morning smoothie now.


Soup was the order of the day for lunch. I have a soupmaker and I get a weekly organic veg box from Riverford so put the two together and you get something that takes very little prep (ideal) very little thought (ideal) and it's done in 21 minutes whilst you attend to something else (ideal).

What surprised me is that whatever you put in the soup it actually tastes ok - who would have thought throwing in carrots and ginger would result in a rather tasty dish or putting together the last of your box ie apples, cabbage and onions would result in a light, acceptable offering? It's been quite exciting seeing what I could come up with!!


Rice featured heavily, more than I realised as I look at the pictures! Roast, herbed vegetables, sweet potatoes, smashed avocado, samphire, carrots and leeks were the stars of the show.

Because the Elimination Diet I am following is by an American author, I did not realise (not being totally au fait with all different names for foods) that garbanzo beans are in fact chickpeas - I know, the rest of you are having a little smirk behind your hand, but I really didn't know. Which means I have been missing out on roast chickpeas, hummus, falafels, etc etc the list goes on and I missed out.....soon put paid to that!!

Basically, I have survived the first two weeks on The Elimination Diet and I have given myself a little pat on the back........however, I do have a confession - gasps from the audience.

My son passed an assessment on Friday which he had been dreading, sorry he didn't pass, he SMASHED his assessment and on the way back he pulled into a well-know drive-through coffee merchant and I thought, do you know what? a decaff with coconut milk can't be too bad - so I duly indulged.

That night I went down with the MI - coincidence or have we established an intolerance?

Bear in mind I had not been ill for 17 days?????

coffee cup with skull on it
Is coffee my antagonist?

watch this space!!


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