The Elimination Diet: Week One - I made it!!!

Table laden with fancy cakes
Not Fair!!

As promised in my post regarding the Elimination Diet, I report on how I've got on, one week into the regime.

I am amazed that I have made it thus far, I will list below what foods I am allowed just so that you can see how restrictive this potentially is.

I am allowed:

  • All vegetables except those from the Deadly Nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, chillies, aubergine)

  • Brown Rice, Jasmine Rice, Wild Rice or Quinoa

  • Some legumes: Black Beans, Pinto, White Beans, Adzuki, Garbanzo, Lima, Mung beans.

  • Fruit except citrus, strawberries and kiwi fruit.

  • Some Sea vegetables (not readily available at your local Co-op)

  • Chia, Flax, Hemp, Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Herbs

  • Spices that do not contain anything from Chilli family.

  • Certain Herbal Teas.

  • Oh and I'm allowed Kudzu (thank goodness for that!!)

Those of you who are meat-eaters have a more extensive list to choose from and those of you who are wizards in the kitchen could probably come up with sumptuous dishes from the above list......I am not the aforementioned wizard - I loathe cooking and when I get in from work at 7.30pm the last thing I want to do is devise some wondrous creation from the above list....I want beer and crisps and chips and veggie burgers NOW!!!!

A fat veggie burger in a bap with skin-on chips
Veggie Burger and Chips......drool

Days one and two were mainly liquid - not the sort you're thinking! - vegetable/fruit liquid either in the form of soup or smoothies.

The suggestion is for a different smoothie each morning, a different juice for a snack, a different soup for lunch and supper.....who on earth has time for all that?? I only cook for myself so I made a berry smoothie enough for two breakfasts and two different soups (exciting eh)

I made a mixed berry, spinach and banana smoothie, mushroom soup and cauliflower and parsnip soup.

Whilst not too bad, it sounds strange but you miss, even after only two days, actually chewing something rather than just drinking it.

Anyhow, Tuesday arrived which meant FOOD, well chewing of food.......but what to make?

Rice was the first thing. I craved something solidish. I had the morning off so I had a little time to concoct something - wonders will never cease.

I came up with Cauliflower Rice with Mushrooms and Asparagus, served with Samphire and coconut milk. (see post)

Cauliflower Rice with Asparagus and Mushrooms plus samphire
Not bad eh?

I eked that out for two days, then the rest of the week consisted of vegetables with vegetables, some vegetables......oh and some vegetables.

Don't get me wrong, I love vegetables but I usually have them mixed with some soya products plus a tomato-based sauce but hey! all in the name of science.

I had a smoothie of some sort every day, soup for lunch and something a bit more substantial for supper. Roast vegetables featured quite a bit, I made a huge batch of them and portioned them out - fashionably called 'food prep' on Instagram, together with rice and they made the base of a meal if I came home late, zapped in microwave and topped with mashed avocado and seeds.

I am not usually a sweet-craving kind of person, crisps being my weakness, but I have been craving to the point of distraction something sweet so Medjool dates have stepped up to the mark.......drool.

plate of medjool dates
Medjool Dates - my new friends

I normally would prefer them split and stuffed with peanut butter......... but I shall have to wait, one of these just satisfies that need for sweet.

So, you are all asking, have there been any changes in this week?

I am not eating so much due to the limitations of what I can eat and my limited imagination so I have lost 5lbs - that seems a lot for one week but I guess it is mainly water from all the alcohol that was in my system haha!!

I have also lost the bloat - hey! I'm still fat but the bloating that I have suffered from like forever, has moved on - bonus.

You are advised to Pay Attention To Your Bowels - apparently every single moment of every single day, your bowels are talking (hmmm I dread to think what mine are saying). You are advised to note down specifics of your bowel movements to see if there are any changes - ok, mental note perhaps, writing it down??? what if someone found it!!

You are also advised to identify real hunger, well that has come as a bit of a surprise, to be honest I am never hungry - probably because I just graze all day?? and this last week I have actually experienced hunger - ok third-world problem alert - not REAL hunger but hunger as far as us fat-arsed westerners are concerned.

Has my MI returned? (see post) well, no not as yet but sometimes it does have a few weeks off before coming back with a vengeance so we will have to wait and see.

Do I feel more alert, alive, focused? No I am tired and I am craving crisps.!!

.........but on Sunday (day 15) I can introduce lemons and limes!!
Happy because lemons and limes are coming

I will be back after the weekend to let you know how the reintroduction of lemons and limes went.......clear your diaries, I bet you can hardly wait!!

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