Squeaky Cheese?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Cheese, that is one thing I really miss on a plant-based/vegan diet. I totally loved cheese, a big slice of brie melting on the plate in the sun, sharp tangy Roquefort smeared on a crusty piece of bread, stringy mozzarella on your pizza, squeaky halloumi with a fresh salad........but wait!!! Violife have a version of halloumi, apparently it has been around for some while, (but things take a while to get to Wiltshire).

Having snatched it from the shelf in a far-away supermarket (I did pay for it!!) it was immediately taken into the kitchen at home and ripped open - I have to admit it doesn't look very exciting in its naked state, bit like a block of rubber to be fair. However, undaunted by this, the grill was ignited, toast in the toaster, mushrooms in the pan. I sliced the pieces relatively thinly because I didn't know how they would react with the heat of the grill.

I needn't have worried, they held together well, a few minutes both sides and they were put into position - let the feasting begin!!

Let's be honest, it's nothing like halloumi, there was no squeak, it wasn't salty like halloumi, basically - it's not halloumi. However, all is not lost because I personally thought it was delicious. The outside remained relatively firm but the inside had turned gooey and held its own amid the hummus, mushrooms and chilli flakes it had to contend with.

Would I buy it again - Definitely!!

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