Review: Pentwyn Farm Cottage

If you follow my blogs you will know I escaped to Wales as a birthday treat to myself.

The idea was to have 10 days of solitude (well, with the dogs obvs) and to work on my latest nutrition course and knock some blogs up.

Not so!

My daughter Bex, who works in France, was forced by her company to take some time off - a new incentive for all staff members, she wasn't singled out!! And she thought she'd come home to visit family and her old mum.

I was booked to go away so Bex made a flying visit to Wales to see me.

I had booked Pentwyn Farm Cottage in Penallt, not far from Monmouth. It is an area that is so lovely and so under-visited that it makes a perfect place to escape.

The cottage is found down a narrow lane which, if you had a low car (I do not) might make it a bit tricky to navigate but in the height of all this lovely weather it was easily done.

The cottage is surrounded by walls and hedges tall enough to keep the dogs in so they had pretty much free-range the whole 10 days.

Inside is lovely, you - well, I - can imagine living in it. It is just big enough. Kitchen, living room with log burner, bathroom and then up some pretty steep stone spiral steps two bedrooms.

Situated in a nature reserve and surrounded by fields and not much else it is idyllic.

Blessed with amazing weather I spent my time lazing in the garden listening to the birds and the occasional click of the gate to the reserve when someone was taking their dog for a walk.

.........until Friday night

The pub down around the corner has closed as a pub due to rising business rates etc (unfortunately so common these days) and is now an Event Venue. And this weekend was a Folk Festival Weekend. So instead of falling asleep to the sound of the owl in the barn across the garden, I had to close the windows because of all the revelry.

Don't get me wrong, they were just having fun.....I just wanted quiet!!

Saturday was another lovely sunny day and they were at it with gusto, lying in the sun with folk music being made across the way was actually very relaxing. Had it been a different genre I may not have been so thrilled.

The nearest pub is down a whopping great hill - fine on the way there but not so special on your return - dogs will help pull you up. This is The Boat and is a lovely little pub with a huge range of cider - hoorah!!

So would I recommend Pentwyn Farm Cottage? - definitely (actually I came last year for four days so I knew what to expect) but I might check the events calendar at the Inn at Penallt before I book. I have stayed in around half a dozen properties by Blaentrothy Cottages and all of them have been wonderful and rather quirky (suits me!!)



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