Review: Chocolate Vegan Cake

This is a quick review, basically because if I don't review it quickly I will eat it all. Hahaha

For my birthday I was given by Rebecca, my daughter, a delightful cake purchased by Rosanna, my (almost) daughter-in-law.

It is by the Just Love Food Company and is VEGAN and is DELICIOUS.

Hey, I hardly need say more.

The sponge is soft and moist, which is often not the case in vegan cakes.

The icing is to die for - rich and creamy and chocolatey oh and did I mention VEGAN!!!

The strawberry on top was my daughter's embellishment but hey, it really is a lovely cake.

Top Tip: Stick a slice in the micro for 30 seconds and then slap on some coconut yoghurt
drool, drool.

I fully intend to try their other cakes but please note they are not all vegan, some are nut free, gluten free, vegetarian etc so please check the label.....and enjoy xx



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