Lockdown Update

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


It has been a goodly while since my last blog - I've been so busy (not). I don't know about you, those of you who are not working that is, but it is so incredibly easy to do nothing.

In my previous blog I had a PLAN - the plan included exercising, studying, craftwork, meditation, yoga etc - how have I got on?

I think from the photo you can gather, I haven't stuck to the plan!

Let's look at my successes and where I have fallen down:

6:15 am get up and walk dogs: I am actually getting up at 5:10 am to walk dogs because every bugger else was up at 6:15 am and as I am not supposed to drive anywhere and I have aggressive dogs, I don't relish meeting anyone. The positive side is that I get to hear the dawn chorus and it is actually rather lovely at that time of the day.

7:30 am Yoga with Adriene: hmm I started the 30 Day Challenge and got to Day 14 - nothing wrong with the yoga, I just managed to not do it one day and that led to another day, then another day......... fail

On the plus side (or plus-size as I am becoming) I do 'run' with the dog in the morning, albeit only 5km, that is 5km more than I was doing before! I will take that as another positive.

Nutritious breakfast: Another positive - yay! I have maintained that and actually dropped the additional piece of toast that I was adding to my breakfast (because I am a pig) so win win.

9 am Spring Cleaning: I went about this with great gusto, cleaning skirting boards, washing woodwork, cleaning windows..... then the sun came out - fail - come on, we don't know when we are going to see it again, it was time to do the garden!!

Made a start on the borders!

11.30 am Decide on food for day and cook: Another positive - I have kept to that, well, it is food!! I have had two organic veg boxes per week one from Riverford and the other from Abel and Cole. I have not had to get much shopping to add to these and have come up with some interesting meals.

2 pm Study Work: Complete and utter failure, I haven't looked at a page - gardening has taken over my world.....whilst the sun is shining, perhaps when the clouds come it will be a different thing?

5 pm Grab wine and crisps and watch BBC update: I have knocked that on the head. Firstly I have stopped eating crisps and drinking wine during the week in a bid to shift some lard (ok, ok, it has only been two days, but that is another positive!) and I have found the updates to be too depressing, all those poor families affected and who knows, we could be next. Have come to conclusion that it is in the hands of fate and as long as I am adhering to Government Guidelines, there isn't much else I can do about it - so I don't watch them.

6 pm Supper: yep, still doing that - positive!

7 pm Crochet project completion: yep, still doing that - positive!

8:30 pm Breathing and meditation: I was going to say that I had stopped breathing, but that would be ridiculous - I have stopped doing breathing exercises and I am not feeling the need.

9 pm Bed: I actually stayed up until 10 pm the other night to watch something on the box - that is an hour of my life I will never get back!


purple positives = 7

Red Failures = 3

Winner, winner, chicken-dinner - well, bean-dinner in my case obvs.

So I haven't been a total failure but there is room for improvement.

How are you all fairing? Have you used your time productively and kept in touch with family/friends to ensure they are coping?

I must end with saying that there are some amazing people out there: front-line workers, back-line workers, volunteers, ordinary caring people, all of whom have shone in this dreadful time. I am out of work because of the crisis but am spending my time at home gardening and enjoying some quiet time - these people are putting their lives on the line to help people they don't even know - the clapping I do on a Thursday night seems pretty pathetic in comparison with what they are doing - thank you all xx

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