Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Someone popped up on my Instagram feed this morning with a post on avocado toast - two pictures - one of aforementioned toast and the next a short video of her taking a bite.

Nothing wrong with that :

- toast looked good

- she is young and pretty

...but at the time of writing that post has gained 3723 likes

3723 likes for a bit of avocado on toast!!

I experimented with my own version - mainly because I now fancied it for lunch!

- olive bread

- smashed avocado

- chilli flakes

- cherry tomatoes

- salt and pepper

It looked good enough to eat! But before I snaffled down on my creation, I look a picture (obvs), did a little video like the original and posted it on Instagram and behold within one hour......no likes, just abuse from one of my friends.

Hmm, my toast looked ace, I'm 30 years + older and nowhere near as pretty as the original star but my toast, the main theme of the post, looked marvellous.

So why the difference in likes? Are avocado toast eaters ageist??? hahaha

Upon scrolling through #avocadotoast there appears to be some 1.2m posts - what's the obsession with avocado on toast?

Putting that aside, what make the perfect avocado toast?

- the right bread is a vital element. Sourdough seems the favourite but a nice bit of toasted ciabatta gives a good crunch and ryebread is fabulous, the texture really adds something.

- next up avocado - sliced or bashed? The Jury's out but with bashed it means it stays on the bread whereas sliced may be more visually appealing.

- then the topping...always chilli flakes, that touch of fire wakens up the whole thing, then sliced tomatoes, perhaps some wilted spinach, squeeze pf lemon, sprinkle of sea salt and we're good to roll.

Basically that's it - not much effort needed to bring together a simple lunch packed with taste and goodness....and apparently loved by 1.2 million people on Instagram.

What is your favourite avocado toast recipe?

(Nigella Lawson was slated for featuring it in one of her programmes in 2015 as people did not think it a recipe, but if someone who eats processed food all the time saw that and then made something for themselves out of real ingredients....it's a recipe) and I love Nigella anyway!!

Please share yours in the comment or on my instagram page @pinkturtlebean. Thank you.

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