Are you onboard for a 30-Day Challenge?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

30 Day Challenge

Ohh, a 30-Day Challenge - I'm all over it.  How many of you have signed up, whether in your head or actually online, to a 30-Day Challenge?

It sounds so do-able, your life will be changed forever in only 30 days and according to those in the know it is a proven strategy for implementing new healthy habits in life - exactly what I need!

A 2010 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found the length of time it takes for a new behavior to become automatic varies from 18 days to 254 days.

Ah, there is no guarantee then that a new behaviour from your 30 day challenge will become part of your life - so why do it?

Apparently, some of the benefits of committing to a 30-day challenge are:

  • Providing the boost you need to get started in making a change.

  • Once you have started, the daily repetition helps you to do the desired change consistently.

  • As you keep going, achieving small successes can help motivate you to keep going.

Phah! I have tried a ton of 30 day challenges and after about Day 3 I have had enough.

30 day yoga challenge - 15 days in I was doing well, going great, feeling like a yogi......then I missed a day and that was 2 months ago.

30 day no crisps challenge- 2 days and then, as our shop closes as 10 pm, at 9:50 pm the second evening found me haring across the xebra crossing and into that crisp isle before you could say Walkers Onion and Balsamic Vinegar.

I am rubbish at 30 day challenges.

But am I alone? If you have ever tried a challenge - have you completed it? Was your life altered as a result? Or did you head straight for the donuts.... or pie....... or gin....or anything else that you were not allowed on the challenge?

I think that is where the problem lies, the challenges are focusing on something that you do not either want to do or want to give up.....but you think you should.

Would you keep to it if we made it a little easier?

  • How about a Once a Day Challenge - hear me out - you could commit to doing one thing, once a day for 30 days - say you wanted to eat more healthily - so change ONE meal, ONCE a day for 30 days?

  • 30 days too long? You want to get fit - do ONE 15 minute walk ONCE a day for 2 weeks - you can fit that in surely?

  • You want to go vegan - have ONE vegan/plant-based meal, ONCE a week for a month.

  • You want to read more - ONE chapter EVERY night for a week.

Ah, that sounds a bit better. Perhaps, and I say 'perhaps' after completing your little challengette, you may feel that you want to continue the good habit you have started, or perhaps you don't but you will have tried.

As extra encouragement - at the end of the challenge what if you gave yourself a little reward - my mind here naturally goes towards a bar of chocolate or bottle of wine or a big bag of crisps, natch. But what about:-

  • a nice bunch of flowers

  • book a massage

  • go see a new movie

  • buy a new pair of shoes (that's a BIG reward)

get the idea? It doesn't always have to be about naughtly things (oh, really??)

Let me know what challenge you want to undertake and let's see if we can come up with the perfect time-scale that you will keep to and I'm pretty sure we could affect the change you are looking for!

take care - much love x

more soon xx

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